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Best prepaid card for a teenager

If you need a reliable and functional children’s debit card, choose WestStein. The number of clients is increasing every day, because these cards have many advantages. This is exactly what we will talk about next.

How to get a WestStein children’s card

If you need a WestStein children’s virtual card, you can get one in a few minutes. To do this, you just need to go through a very simple registration process. Registration can be carried out using any device convenient for you: it can be your personal computer, laptop or even your smartphone.

You will have functional debit cards for children over 13 years of age. You can link up to three additional cards to one account, which can be used by your family members in the future. Our virtual card for teenagers can be used by children aged 13 and over.

The virtual card for children is your modern way of giving pocket money to your children. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the funds being lost or ending up in the hands of fraudsters. The child will be able to make all necessary purchases without any problems, because the cards support contactless payments. In addition, the WestStein prepaid virtual card will not allow your child to spend more than you have deposited on the card. This way, you will maintain control over your child’s expenses, which increases the level of security and provides you with additional guarantees.

If necessary, you can easily send funds to your child. You can do this in a matter of minutes, which will avoid a lot of inconvenience. You can send funds not only within the country, but also make international transfers.

Another advantage is that a teenage virtual Mastercard will allow you to teach your child how to manage funds correctly. This habit will continue into adulthood.

WestStein benefits you should know about

There are many reasons to order a prepaid Mastercard. You can open your own account without any paperwork. You no longer need to go to banking institutions and stand in line. To register, you can use any device convenient for you, choosing any time of the day or night. In just a few minutes you will receive your personal account and access to all its functions.

To manage your own funds, you can use a convenient mobile application or your client portal. Therefore, you will have access to your finances at any time. And to access all the benefits, you only need to complete a very simple identity verification process.

With your own account, you can open up to three additional cards that can be used by your family members. Using WestStein, you can be sure that your funds are completely safe. After all, Mastercard 3D Secure protection is used, as well as two-step verification during online purchases. So the level of security is as high as in the best banking institutions.

You can use WestStein anywhere in the world. These cards are accepted at more than 41 million retail outlets. So you won’t have any problems with payment. You can make secure contactless payments without any problems. This way you will protect your own funds from scammers. If necessary, you can also use a PIN code.

Using your personal account, you can also withdraw cash from more than two million ATMs located in various cities around the world. Cash withdrawals are carried out with a minimum commission, thanks to which you further save money.

Cards will be the perfect solution for you if you are planning to go on vacation or a work trip. After all, you can pre-deposit funds on the card. As a result, you will not be able to spend more than you have on your card.

WestStein is ideal for both individuals and business owners of large companies. Using a convenient application or your client portal, you can check your payment history at any time. This way you will always maintain control over your own budget. It is also convenient that you will receive relevant notifications while performing the operations you need.

You can also send wages using this account. Money can also be sent to employees who work in other countries. The account also allows you to withdraw money from electronic wallets.

As you can see, WestStein has many advantages. That is why the number of users is increasing literally every day.

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