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5 Big Reasons Why You Should Verify Your WestStein account

WestStein verification

As you may already know, WestStein verified users have access to extended limits and greater benefits than unverified customers. However, since this month it is even more worthwhile to take the few simple steps and verify your account.

To become a verified customer you have to complete the identification procedure in the WestStein customer portal or mobile app. In only 48 hours after verification, the limits for your Mastercard and account will be extended.

You can see the current limits for verified and unverified users in the chart below:

WestStein limits

As you can see, verification grants you significantly more freedom to deal with your assets in a convenient way. To complete the verification process, you should go to your account and submit the necessary documents – it’s easy and takes only a few minutes.

Why do we ask you to verify?

In accordance with Directive (EU) 2015/849 of the European Parliament and of the Council, from now on unverified cards are subject to new limits and restrictions. This change aims to prevent money laundering and financing of unlawful activity.

As any institution performing financial transactions must be capable of identifying the origin and flow of its funds, it is necessary that we verify the true identity of card owners. Therefore unverified clients have significantly smaller limits for using the card.

WestStein and our cards issuer Prepaid Financial Services aim for maximum security and transparency of our services. At the same time, we strive to protect our customers and offer them the most convenient solutions and financial freedom. We urge our customers to pass through the verification process because it is an easy way to access all the benefits that our card can offer.

Not convinced yet? Here are five main reasons for verifying your WestStein account and getting the most of your Mastercard.

What are the benefits for verifying your account?

#1. Enjoy card balance up to 35 000 EUR.

Non-verified customers can have 250 EUR maximum balance on card. Meanwhile, all verified customers have extended limits and can have up to 35 000 EUR on their account.

This means that after verification you will be able to:

  • Receive your salary and other payments to your WestStein card
  • Make big purchases and payments online
  • Enjoy great financial freedom while you are travelling – for work or leisure

NB! There is no maximum load amount per month for verified users!

#2. Withdraw as much money as you need.

Verified WestStein customers have no lifetime ATM withdrawal limit and the daily limit is as high as 1500 EUR. Meanwhile, non-verified users can only withdraw 100 EUR max during the card’s validity period.

#3. Use your card around the world.

Non-verified clients can only use their cards within the European Economic Area; the card is not accepted outside it. Get verified and make the most of your Mastercard around the world!

#4. Use multiple cards.

Verified users don’t need to limit themselves with only one card. Issue as many as you need and enjoy unlimited financial freedom! After verification, you can also transfer funds to another payment card, make online payments and purchases.

#5. Receive your salary in your WestStein account.

The extended limits enable you to receive your salary in your WestStein account or transfer additional assets to it. Every card has an IBAN number (just like bank accounts) that you can submit to your employer. Furthermore, you can easily manage and control your money in WestStein online app, that works the same way as bank applications do.

How can you verify?

Get the maximum of your WestStein card by becoming a verified customer! The verification procedure can be done under the section “Upgrade your card” in WestStein client portal – desktop or mobile app.

Upload copies of documents that prove your residence and identity:

  • Copy of a valid passport or electronic ID (both sides);
  • Copy of an invoice (for example, telecommunication services, apartment rental, etc.). The invoice must show your first name and surname as well as the address that you provided when applying for the card.

NB! You can either scan your documents or take photos of them – this is very convenient if you are using our mobile app.

A few simple steps and a couple of minutes – that’s all it takes to become a verified WestStein user! After you upload your documents, we will verify your identity and address, and send you a confirmation email within 48 hours. Then you will be able to enjoy extended limits and maximum advantages from your WestStein account and Mastercard.

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