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How 3 Additional Prepaid Mastercard Improve Your Life

WestStein - Prepaid Mastercard for Family budgeting

One prepaid Mastercard for you. Three for anyone you wish, even if it’s you. Let us explain.

We often receive questions regarding the option to create another payment card linked to one’s existing profile. For some, it means sending money to their retired parents, for some using the card for categorized expenses, such as groceries and lunch breaks. In this article, you’ll find out if such an option is well suited for your lifestyle and how does it differ from ordering new cards separately.

Why add a prepaid Mastercard to your existing profile?

1) You only need one ID for three accounts.

Proving your identity online is significantly faster compared to physically going to a bank. However, when more than one card is ordered separately, waiting for the KYC process to approve every ID might get annoying. Fortunately, such a hassle is irrelevant, when adding another prepaid Mastercard to your existing WestStein profile, because you already proved your identity once and that’s enough for us to trust you. Both additional cards will be verified, fully functional and with extended limits for your convenience, once you’ve ordered them.

2) Receivable anywhere in the EEA, usable worldwide.

One day you’re at home, the next day 1000 km away in another country. Unless you or the person that needs a new payment card is out of the European Economic Area, the card will arrive within 10 business days after your order. From one of our customer’s experience, this feature served perfectly when her son lost his wallet with all payment cards during the ERASMUS exchange program abroad. In a few moments, she had assigned another prepaid Mastercard to her existing WestStein profile and her son received the card within a week, despite the fact he was in another country.

3) Convenient budget planning for all cards at once.

You can see the balance of all three cards (one primary and up to three secondary cards) from the account that’s linked to the primary card. If you’re ordering prepaid payment cards for your children, this is an excellent way to keep up with how significant portion of their pocket money is left..

4) Each card is still manageable separately.

For making and seeing SEPA payments, each card has its own account number (IBAN), customer card portal (CCP) and transaction history.

Extra card

An extra family prepaid card for various necessities

Bills, school trips, marriage planning, honeymoon, home maintenance and so on. Only you know how many things in your life require saving for later or budgeting for today. Especially if you’re not living alone, you know someone has to be the head of family’s finances to maintain a sustainable life. If this sounds familiar, remember that a single family prepaid card might be a helpful tool for keeping part of your money safe and always available for a need to be fulfilled. Also, taking money with you on a seperate account can save you from overspending, when, for example, shopping, travelling etc.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Christos has to say:

To be honest, I first ordered WestStein prepaid card just to replace it with my daughter’s pink piggy bank, which by her own words was ‘old-school’. After a while, I realized that we’re using the card as a wallet for the family trips we held occasionally. Not only we did not overspend, but also my daughter enjoyed being in control when we had to pay for something.” – Christos, Cyprus

Who knows, if a family prepaid card will work for you as good as for Christos or even better. One thing’s for sure – children born in the digital era will accept it with open arms. Furthermore, with a prepaid card for children, you’ll avoid very low ATM withdrawal limits, which are often set by most banks.

Prepaid card for children can do wonders

Look around you. What is the one thing that we all and especially the youth are exposed to on a daily basis? That’s right – screens.

There is no other industry that blossoms and continues to surprise as much as technology. While the most popular purpose of ordering a prepaid card for children is a more convenient way of giving them pocket money, the possibilities that are available for them online should not be neglected.

Thanks to various online platforms popular amongst freelancers, more often than ever youngsters become millionaires before attending college. Most of them became exceptional at something, like developing iOS mobile applications, designing HTML websites or creating viral Youtube channels.

Just to name a few, here are five teenage millionaires who made their fortune online:

  • Sean Belnick – at 14 created BizChair.Com, it earned $50 million in 2017;
  • Nick D’Aloisio – at 15 developed Summly app, sold it for $30 million in 2013;
  • Ashley Qualls – at 14 created WhatEverLife.Com, recently received an offer for $1,5 million;
  • Erik Finmann – bought 401 Bitcoins when he was 12, now is worth more than $4 million;
  • EvanTubeHD – created a Youtube channel when he was 8, now is worth more than $1 million.

When thriving for similar results, some investments must be made along the way, even if it’s 99$ for signing up for an iOS developer account. If you already have a prepaid card for children, all it takes is pointing out what possibilities they may not be aware of.

Hopefully, after a while, your kids will also hear the sound of financial success. Ka-ching!

No matter if you want to get your first WestStein card or assign a secondary card within your existing profile, it’s FREE – both the Mastercard and the delivery to your home. Join now!

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