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How Is Your Money And Personal Data Always Secured With WestStein Services

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We believe that at the end of the day, what people care about most is safety and security.

Therefore, in this article, you’ll discover how your security comes first in everything we do. Additionally, we’ll remind you of 10 easy and important tips to help you keep your data safe both offline and online.

You’re experiencing top level security measures with WestStein

Online hack attacks must be treated the same as shark attacks in reality. While you surf, we’re constantly working on danger prevention and ensuring you an attack-proof experience.

  • No matter if you’re browsing our website, sending payments from customer card portal (CCP) or analyzing your budget in WestStein’s mobile application on your smartphone, your information is always secured with 2048-bit SSL RSA Encryption, which is updated the moment new version comes out.
  • To ensure you the best experience with WestStein, we’re using cookies that will allow us to show you the most relevant information. This information is kept safe in WestStein servers and never exposed to third parties, such as governments.
  • Thanks to our regular tests and improvements, WestStein platforms are again and again rated with A+ grade by various online security tests and outsourced privacy specialists.

In other words, we’re successfully preventing an unauthorized access (like hackers, viruses, malware and other forms of malicious code) to your precious data.

Your money is always at a place and no one else is using it

Typically, when you hold money in a bank account, you’re in fact a lender of it. It means your money may be used by banks for further lending to other private and corporate clients.

If your bank faces a market crisis and debtors can’t pay back what they have borrowed, you would get back only the obligatory insurance money, while the rest is gone.

On the other hand, when you top up your WestStein prepaid Mastercard, your funds appear under a non-bank service provider’s – Prepaid Financial Services Ltd (PFS) – management.

In accordance with European Union regulations, PFS is obliged to keep your funds separate from its own funds. Therefore, your money funds are protected against claims made by any of our creditors, and at all times you are able to recover them in full amount.

Extra layer of protection by Mastercard SecureCode

According to Nilson report, $22,8 billion where lost due to payment card frauds worldwide in 2016. As you might guessed it, majority of fraudulent acts happen online, where your card’s PIN code isn’t used to complete purchases.

Fortunately, you can easily secure your WestStein prepaid card with Mastercard SecureCode.

In simple terms, Mastercard SecureCode is an additional password you will be asked to provide, whenever your card is used during any checkout process online. With the growing number of unfamiliar and possibly fraudulent places online, we strongly advise you to secure your card as soon as possible. It’s free and takes only up to 3 minutes.

Top 10 tips to help you secure your money both offline and online

Remember that it’s much easier to prepare and prevent than to repair and repent. We’re here to remind you of the top 10 tips to help you eliminate any chance of fraud with your payment card:

  1. Create a strong Mastercard SecureCode password and save it only in your memory.
  2. Use a screen lock on all devices to prevent others from accessing your WestStein profile.
  3. Do not use the same PIN code that you use elsewhere.
  4. Avoid saving passwords when your internet browser asks for it.
  5. Research every online merchant before ordering goods or services.
  6. Use virus-scanners to detect potentially harmful mobile apps or desktop software.
  7. Don’t show your WestStein card IBAN to strangers, when standing in cashier lines.
  8. Renew your card’s PIN code when it has been exposed to stranger’s sight.
  9. Contact PFS support +44 (0) 2071275093 to block your card, if it has been lost or stolen.
  10. Remember that prepaid cards have the same level of security as bank issued cards.

You have heard most of these before, right? Repetition is the mother of all learning and we’re more than happy to repeat these flawless tips, that you can apply to every payment card you already use.

As long as your WestStein card and login credentials are with you and only you, there’s no need to worry – your money’s safe with WestStein.

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