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Choosing a card for online shopping

Today, every opportunity is open to Internet users. Not only can they watch movies, read books, and study online, but they can also shop. To do this, it is enough just to have an appropriate financial instrument – but how to choose it, as banks offer many products? Today, WestStein financial institution experts will tell you how to order a prepaid Mastercard, and why it is a universal payment medium. We choose a card for online purchases together with qualified experts.

Card for online shopping: what should I pay attention to?

First of all, we note that there are three main types of bank cards:

  • credit — they contain funds provided for use by the holder of a financial institution;
  • debit – a card linked to a bank account, it stores personal savings, there may be an overdraft part;
  • prepaid – stored value cards that are not linked to the holder’s main bank account and do not involve a credit stake.

Also, cards differ in payment systems, for example, Visa, MasterCard. And also there are plastic cards and virtual ones. Knowing these criteria you can select the best card for online shopping.

What is the best card for online shopping?

The answer to this question is individual for each person, but we will consider a universal option that will suit almost everyone, as it has a sufficient number of advantages.

The WestStein virtual card is a profitable and convenient financial instrument for online shopping, and this is due to the following characteristics:

  1. High level of security. The prepaid card from WestStein has not only PIN protection and unique details, but also the Mastercard 3D Secure protection system (a protocol that implies two-factor user authentication when making transactions).
  2. Digital media. A virtual card cannot be damaged, and physical and virtual scammers will not get it – isn’t that a plus?
  3. Convenient Internet banking. All monetary transactions are easy to implement and track in a mobile application that also provides all receipts.
  4. Virtual card for online shopping with a high level of privacy. Since the media is not tied to your main bank account, it is self-contained and does not distribute your personal information over the network.
  5. No credit share. Using a card from our service, you will never lose money, as you will only rely on your own budget.
  6. Instant money transfers. The card is perfect for receiving payments, wages, etc.
  7. Multicurrency. You can store funds in euros on your WestStein account.

And the most important advantage: it is possible to issue a card for online purchases in just a couple of minutes, without making any effort, and also without collecting an extensive package of documentation.

How to get a shopping card?

The process is extremely simple and anyone can do it. On the WestStein website, find the “Open my account” link and follow it. You will see a registration form, fill it out and proceed to the verification stage. Here, confirm the phone number you provided and the email address that you entered earlier. After confirming the data, you will be able to enter your personal account. It is ten to fifteen minutes after registration that the consumer boldly begins to use his account and virtual card.

How to shop safely?

It is a mistake to believe that if you do not have cash money, then you are completely protected from various kinds of scammers and robbers. On the Internet, we are also ambushed by attackers who do not mind misappropriating other people’s savings, so it is important to adhere to the following tips:

  1. Never disclose personal data (CVV2 and PIN codes) to anyone. This information is available only to the cardholder, it can be used to make purchases, which is why cyber scammers need it so much. Keep this information in mind and never make exceptions, your mistake can cost you a lot.
  2. Do not follow unfamiliar links, especially those that come to an email address. A common type of Internet fraud, phishing, is aimed at obtaining logins and passwords, including from Internet banking. Often, malicious links come from the name of a bank or financial institution – do not be fooled by this, it is better to contact the bank and clarify the information personally.
  3. Always check the address bar for correctness. If the site is suspicious – do not make purchases on it. If you doubt the reputation of a particular store, you will most likely find reviews about it and familiarize yourself with the problems of its customers.
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