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Planning your travel expenses with a prepaid Mastercard: how to save money while traveling

The Mastercard virtual card differs from other options by a lot of undeniable advantages. The main thing is free access to your own financial resources and minimizing possible dangerous situations. And a free virtual card helps you save significantly when traveling not only within your own country, but throughout the world.

Online prepaid card is a great example of digitalization

A free prepaid card has proven its benefits many times over. The demand for cashless payments and various “wallets” on virtual platforms no longer surprise anyone. And in addition, in (almost) all countries, such payment methods provide not only cash, but also a wide variety of discounts.

A travel card in virtual format will not arouse suspicion among customs/border control authorities. There is also no need to worry about currency conversion in the host country. There are very interesting options for travelers. A huge plus is the simple translation into the desired currency at the most favorable rate. You can also initially keep your money in an account in euros. It’s even simpler and more convenient.

WestStein prepaid card: tips for using it

Even if you have the best virtual card, even if it was issued by the most reliable issuer, it still wouldn’t hurt to study a few financial recommendations before leaving the country.
The first and most important thing is to think about exactly how the virtual card will be used for travel, how it will be used to pay for services or purchases in European countries.

To do this, it will not be superfluous to find out specifically about the country you are going to. Is it possible to pay by card in a restaurant, gas station, or hotel? Are there ATMs in the locality of your planned residence that are suitable for withdrawing cash from just such a card? This is important because there may be some nuances. Let’s say tourists go to places where virtual calculations are not yet accepted. Yes, and now there are a lot of such places. To avoid troubles and misunderstandings, it is better to think through such moments in advance.
You can, for example, see where supermarkets or banks are located where you can make a purchase/withdraw cash. This is already great preparation and planning. Of course, it is ideal if before departure you know where exactly the place of residence will be and how you will be able to pay for it.

In exotic regions, the WestStein virtual card, in principle, like a regular plastic card, can cause some difficulties. There are no such problems in the eurozone. But this does not mean that if you decide to apply for a virtual card, you will no longer be able to travel to points on the planet “far from civilization.” You can always find a way out of the situation, it’s just better to know it at home, and not deal with difficulties on the spot, spoiling the impression of a long-awaited vacation.

Recommendations for planning expenses

For those who are just planning to order a prepaid Mastercard and for those who have already become its owner, you can divide the total amount between different accounts for security.

For example, one will store the money for living expenses. The second one will be for shopping. The third one will be for the road money, etc. This makes it more convenient to spend without worrying that the limit will be exceeded and there simply won’t be enough for something important.

It wouldn’t hurt to warn bank employees about traveling abroad. In this case, a responsible attitude towards the safety of your own clients may “play” against you. Seeing that transactions are uncharacteristic, that they are made from a suddenly and radically changed location, they can simply block the account until the circumstances are clarified.

Business benefits

It is very convenient to open WestStein to organizations. With the help of a modern current account, which is optimized for versatile use in different parts of the world, it will allow you to use the card unlimitedly, keep expenses under control, and provide relevant reports to inspection authorities (if necessary).

WestStein Mastercard has a huge number of advantages for both individuals and businesses. You won’t be able to spend more than planned. There is no provision for overdraft; everything is processed simply and in a short time.
And one more advantage (key for many of our clients). Such a virtual card will not be linked to the main account. All payments are completely autonomous. Of course, this payment method has many more advantages than are discussed in this material. We focused only on the key points, and it is best to evaluate the full proposal personally and without delay.

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