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The best hotel booking service

Looking for the best tour for the upcoming holidays? Or are you looking for a great deal for your upcoming vacation? We have great news. Now our customers can choose the perfect option for themselves with the help of Weststein hotel booking system.

The best hotel booking service

All travelers and entrepreneurs understand how important it is to choose a hotel where you plan to stay during your vacation or business trip. Very often, after choosing a hotel, when you check in, you are disappointed. Because a lot of things are not up to the mark. To prevent this, we have developed the best hotel booking service that will allow you to choose a hotel or apartment in any corner of the world. The WestStein system is a profitable alternative to booking. The benefit lies, first of all, in a lower price, which differs from booking to 30%.

Our hotel booking aggregator makes it easy to choose the most suitable option using pre-installed filters. Using the filtering system, you can choose a place of stay in the required country and city, star rating and suitable budget. Also on the service for booking hotels you can see actual photos of the room, territory, locations and infrastructure.

Reliability, truthfulness of information and photos, favorable prices – all this contributes to the fact that our service is the best application for booking hotels.

Mobile application for hotel booking

In order to quickly book a hotel, it is recommended to use the Weststein mobile app. It can be downloaded for android and iOS. By installing this application, you can search, choose, book hotels and apartments anywhere and anytime. This option is only available to Weststein customers. After checking the reviews of customers who actively use the application, you can make sure how profitable and convenient it is.

If you have not yet become our client, but want to enjoy all the benefits of the international hotel booking system and travel the world profitably, go through a quick registration on our website. Registration is mandatory and does not take much time. To successfully complete it, you will need to fill out a standard form in which you must specify your last name, first name, phone number, residential address and email address. This is necessary for the safe use of the application.

Download the WestStein app and become our customer to save money.

Current account for convenient settlements around the world

For a perfect vacation, it is important to think not only where and with whom you will spend it, but also how you will pay abroad.

In order to benefit from the worldwide hotel reservation system, you need to open a Weststein bank account. Booking hotels from this account, you can save a lot, as our service provides prices 30% lower than on booking.com. Opening an account will take you 5 minutes, after which you can use it. Opening a current account provides many benefits. You become the owner of a virtual card with which you can make payments in euros, send and receive international money transfers, pay in shops, cafes, restaurants in more than 120 countries around the world. After issuing a virtual card, a plastic card will be delivered to you within 10 working days at the specified address.

A current account allows not only making payments for goods and services and making money transfers with a minimum commission. You can withdraw cash from a debit account at almost all ATMs, without overpaying for a commission, as in other banks.

The Weststein current account contains only your money, which you must first deposit into it in any convenient way. Therefore, you will not be afraid that you will spend too much or get into credit funds, which then have to be replenished with interest. Keeping money on a card is much more convenient than carrying cash with you, which can either be stolen or lost.

The history of the movement of funds from and to the account can be viewed at any time in your application. It will display information about where and for what amount you made transactions, as well as the account balance. Using the mobile application, you will be able to transfer the necessary amount of money to the account of your loved ones as needed or pay for goods or services.

If you have any questions, our highly qualified specialists will provide you with advice in your native language. Our managers speak English, Polish, German, Latvian and Russian. You can contact them at any time of the day.

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